Friday, August 22, 2008

Welcome - You Can Do It!!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Losing with Lorraine. This is my first blog and I hope to continue to stay in touch on a weekly basis with my blog.

At Weight Watchers we are starting a Losing for Good program. Weight Watchers will donate l pound of food for each pound we lose. This is an exciting way to keep us on track and motivated because we lose and others benefit. Details in the meeting.

In our meetings we are focusing more on our challenges. One of the wonderful things about our meetings is we have time to help others and ourselves by letting the group give us tips and ideas about life situations that come up. So bring your challenges to the next meeting and throw them out to the group for ideas.

Just in case you have been to Dunkin Donuts lately and were wondering about the new sandwiches - the flat bread veggie & egg white is 6 points, the flat bread turkey sausage and egg white is 5 points.

Remember - If It's to Be it's up to me!!!!

See you at the meeting!!!

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Sunflower said...

Hi Lorraine, just stopped by to check out your blog. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

I have been noticing my comfort zones when eating this week. Most of the time I am in the hungry zone, but I have noticed other times I'm not that hungry, but it's snack time so I want something. Yes, I have a snack, but a good one - not junk.

See you at Tues. Night meeting.