Friday, July 24, 2009


Hi Everyone,

Nothing is as frustrating as losing weight and then regaining it. That is why it is so important that we lose weight in a way we can live with, long term.

That is where Weight Watchers comes in - learning the skills of a lasting weight loss. We have a four step plan that points us in the right direction.

We start with Eating Wisely. Sounds easy, but for many of us it is not. What does my body really need to be healthy? What do I need to feel satisfied? We have the good health guidelines to point us in the right direction. We have the comfort zone to help us listen to what our body is telling us. Do you use your tracker each week?

Moving More is something we all need to work on. I am an active person is the key. An active lifestyle will help keep weight off.

Think First - how can that help your program? Behavior change is the key to keeping weight off. Planning is about thinking first. Am I choosing foods that are healthy and filling? Am I shopping wisely so I have the foods I need in the house?

Attend Meetings - the research is strong: people who come to Weight Watcher meetings lose more weight than people who try to lose weight on their own. Sharing tips, ideas, challenges, frustrations, setbacks and successes is the key.

We don't have to be perfect to lose weight and keep it off, but we do have to be persistent. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

See you at the meeting,

Makes 12 servings(2 slices each), 4 point per serving

2 tsp chili powder
2 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp ground cumin
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp cayenne
1 (4 pound) center cut beef tenderloin, trimmed

1. Spray the grill rack with olive oil nonstick spray and preheat the grill to medium high.
2. To make the rub, stir together the first 5 ingredients (chili powder, coriander, cumin, salt and cayenne) in a small bowl. Rub the mixture all over the beef.
3. Place the tenderloin on the grill rack and gill,turning, until browned on all sides, about 10 minutes. Move it to a cooler portion of the grill and grill, covered, turning occasionally, until an instant read thermometer inserted into the center of the tenderloin registers 145F for medium, 30-35 minutes. Transfer to a cutting board and let stand 10 minutes before cutting into 24 slices. Serve with Pico de Gallo.

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Ed said...

Hi Lorraine,

Not sure if you have read or heard about the Applebee/Weightwatcher in the news. Appears as though the WW menu at Applebee's is not being prepared according to WW standards.

See you on Saturday morning,

Ed & Joyce