Friday, October 9, 2009


Hi Everyone,

Taking care of yourself means taking time to eat smarter, move more, attend weekly meetings and focus on building helpful habits.

Getting healthier by losing weight with Weight Watchers is among the best ways we can take care of ourselves. As we feel better and more confident about ourselves and our weight loss journey, we will have more energy to take care of everyone else in our lives.

Step one is to get the support we need to get ourselves on the right track for weight loss and long term maintenance. This happens at our weekly meetings. The meetings are the magic!!! They help keep us focused and learn strategies to make it happen.

See you at the meeting for more information!!!!


Makes 6 servings - 6 points each

1 pound beef stew meat trimmed of fat
1 cup mini carrots
1 cup sliced celery
1 onion wedge cut
1 can stewed tomatoes with liquid
1 can potatoes drained
2 T tapioca
salt and pepper to taste

Put all ingredients in Crock Pot and stir. Cook on low 8 - 10 hours

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