Friday, September 5, 2008


Hi Everyone!!!

I am so excited about our losing for good campaign. September is the time that a lot of our members come back after a great summer. September is for getting back on schedule and taking the time for ourselves to come back to Weight Watchers. I think this campaign will help us do just that. We can get back on track with our weight loss and help others at the same time.

In the meetings for the last couple of weeks we have been talking about our comfort zone and learning to fit our favorite foods into our program. Both of these things will help us get to our goal.

Many times when we are eating it is not because we are hungry, but because of other reasons. Have you ever been at a party standing beside the food table and just popping things in your mouth without even thinking about it. I have. How about looking at a food and having this conversation with yourself - Yes, I want it - No, I don't need it - Yes, I want it - It is a conversation I think we all have at one time or another. Thinking about the comfort zone and using a little positive self talk can really help.

How about your favorite foods - do you know what they are? Have you ever found yourself eating around the kitchen and you never quite find what you are looking for. Knowing your favorite foods can help you make better decisions about foods and choices. When you have that discussion with yourself - should I or shouldn't I - having a favorite food planned in can really make a difference. Remember that positive self talk and a plan.

To read up on positive self talk along with the rest of the Tools for Living and Helpful Habits check out the week 3 book.

As you go through the next few weeks remember-

"Goals are dreams with deadlines"
-Author Unknown

See you at the meeting.



HerMajesty00 said...

Hey Lorraine welcome to blog world! I really like the concept of a 'conversation with yourself before eating.' I am gonna try that this week.
BTW I blog too about weight loss and fmaily stuff in case you want to check it out!

kgrenier12 said...

Hi Lorraine:

Great blog!
I'm thinking about switching from flex to core because I'm bored and hit a plateau.(8months) HOWEVER---its tough for me to control portion sizes on core when I did it last year.

Any suggestions?

Kerry G Wed@5:30pm

Prazr said...

Hi Lorraine: I am Carol from Boston. I visited your meeting in Plymouth at the VFW all summer. I came to love that group and your leader skills too. I loved the group participation there. I will miss you all but I am sure I will be back next year. So see you in July 2009!