Friday, December 12, 2008


Hi Everyone!

We are certainly in full holiday mode this week. It is not uncommon for the holiday season with all its challenges to interrupt our weight loss efforts from time to time. So now is the time when we have to redouble our efforts to make sure we make time in our busy schedules for ourselves.

I think the introduction of our new 2009 program can help keep us motivated and get us back on track. I hope you are having fun reading through our new week one book and checking out the pocket guide. The pocket guide is perfect for taking along with us so we always have our food lists handy and our points finder within reach.

I think the recipes in the week one book are really family friendly comfort food. Check them out and maybe try a new recipe this week. Let us know at the meeting which ones your families liked.

Take the holidays one day at a time and ask yourself - What can I do today, to help my weight loss effort? Keep track of your comfort zone each day and look at the filling foods list to add these foods whenever you can.

Inch by Inch, it's a cinch!!

See you at the meeting.


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